Quilts For Frozen Yogurt Lovers

National Quilting Day is approaching. It’s the time of the year again where quilters all over the nation are required to do three things on that day: Let your guilty light shine, sew yourself silly and share your passion of quilting with others. Easy, right? We are offering tips in planning and organizing your own National Quilt Day party so you can get all the requirements done at once. Check out how you can participate at this site. If you already got a group of quilting friends, you can gather around on National Quilting Day, sew gorgeous fabric and enjoy a few special treats from Yogurt in Love. Local entrepreneurs are also partnering with us and they will be giving away cool rewards for National Quilting Day participants. Check out how you can take advantage of the rewards here. If you are a lone quilter, now is the time to reach out to other quilters in event area. Just imagine your day filled with the sound of sewing machines and the conversation of your quilting friends. Or, contact your local quilt shop here to see if there are other quilters you would to invite for the event. What fun! Make sure you’ve got sewing basics in place. Provide table and space for each participant, make shared spaces for cutting and pressing and make sure that each sewing machine has access to a power outlet. We have games and cool prizes from www.swirlscupcakery.com that will entitle one lucky winner a big grand prize. So gather all your quilting friends and tag along some of your friends who don’t quilt yet. Introduce them to their creative side with a quilt party for newbies. There will be a make-in-a-day project, such as single quilting that can be like a table topper or choose a simple quilt that newbies can start and finish at home. You can even follow up on them with another get-together to teach them new techniques.