Drug Designed to Trick your Bio Clock Coming Soon

If you travel a lot or work on the night shift, chances are you are at risk of health problems like stress-related diseases, heart disorders, even cancer. If you have ever fallen face first into your bowl of sugar free frozen yogurt or couldn’t remember how you drove yourself home, you are definitely headed for disaster. Fortunately, some smart folks over at McGill University and Douglas Mental Health University in Canada put their heads together to come up with something that might help. Check out this site to know more.

Jet lag and microsleep are manifestations of a disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm, that internal clock we all have that schedules when we eat, when we go, and most importantly when we sleep. This “clock” takes it cue from visual clues i.e. sun out, daytime, wake up. The trouble starts when you go to a different time zone or go on the night shift when everything is topsy-turvy. Night is day and day is night, so it messes up our sleep patterns. In the short term it hampers functionality; in the long term it can really wreak havoc on the health.

The new drug is designed to trick the brain into adjusting the circadian rhythm so the body can adjust quickly to an atypical work shift or another time zone. It’s a great concept and it seems to work. We’ll wait and see when it comes out in the market.

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