Some Facts about Quilting

9245c83fcb0aadc8b88b8800077d733eLet’s get started with the basics. Quilting is not an American invention as far as we know, but it did make its way to the US during the olden days, presumably a skill brought over by English colonists. The word quilt is derived from the Latin for “stuffed sack” (culcita) but the English word is more closely related to the French word cuilte. It is speculated that the art of quilting dates back thousands of years. The oldest surviving quilt artefact was found in Mongolia and is believed to have been fashioned around 150 AD. There are a lot of references found in literature and legal documents.

The Crusaders were believed to have brought quilted garments over to Europe from the Middle East in the 11th Century, although some experts place the date at around the 5th Century. An example of a quilted garment is the gambeson which was popular in the Middle Ages. The arming doublet was used as armor or as an undergarment under plate armor, presumably because it made the heavy suit more comfortable to wear. There is still a bed quilt surviving in Europe that has its origins in Sicily dated from the 14th Century that is currently kept in a museum in London.

Quilting is a great concept for a business, but it is labor intensive. Less commitment would be needed for something like a frozen yogurt franchise, which here is essentially designed to be a turnkey small business for the first-time entrepreneur. Both are family friendly, however, so they both work for us.

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